The Bivona Castle (VV)

Il landscape where you inserted the Bivona Castle is today strongly altered by the presence of industrial installations. The castle is a regular plan with the outer perimeter slightly trapezoidal and cylindrical towers without shoe protruding corners. Curtain walls are equipped with shoe, above which there are various types of openings placed also at different heights. The towers are preserved in good condition except the North almost completely collapsed.

Inside stands a two-story rectangular building has only a few parts. The water supply was perhaps originally secured by tanks. The castle was used throughout the fifteenth century as a fortified structure. The building interior was changed: on the ground floor were added on the short side wider apertures. In the sixteenth century the Bivona castle became the property of the Pignatelli, new feudal lords of Monteleone (memorable is the lawsuit filed by several citizens led by the barons Lombardi Satriani di Porto Salvo that until the subversion of feudalism rightly challenged in higher courts of the Kingdom the possession of the city as well as in the area) that restored for use as a sugar factory.

At the East Tower were located with the millstones for trappeto. Milling environments is survivor at the tower only the lightning that was channeled the water on the grindstone. The loss of this activity begins in the Decade of the 17th century. The castle today is abandoned. In 1969 it was rear-ended on Southwest curtain wall. On the same day was consolidated the south corner of the building interior