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Marina Carmelo: LAT 38° 43 North – Long. 16° 08 ' East

Mooring and fixed structure assistance to yachts and pleasure boats in transit

The' activity around the "Marina" Carmel you can, right reason, define pioneer. Ranieri, a native son of Carmel Vibo Marina, since teenager has shown a great passion for the sea, making it one of his reasons for living. Young has been around the world aboard several ships, before returning to his hometown and, at the beginning of the years ' 60, to what would become, with constant application, the symbol of the tourist harbor faculties at Vibo Marina, i.e. falban.

Over time, even in presence of a territory that was not then a particular tourist vocation, the Pontoon structure grows and, hand in hand, improves the quality of services offered, making an ideal base for mooring big boats to Sicily rather than in Greece and, at the same time, initiating a series of shipbuilding activities and specialized technical assistance determining the appreciation of boaters from all over Italy, which begin to move their boats in the port of Vibo Marina.

The role of promoter of the territory, the pier organizes various events that contribute to bringing an increasing number of fans to the world of boating and especially to enhance the entire provincial context; a classic example is the sailing regatta that for 12 consecutive years involved and saw both competitors challenge local and foreigners. In the years ' 90, again Carmel Pier, the first yacht charter company based in Preston, Mar'Incontro. Rental of recreational craft is an innovative and rapidly expanding then was exercised only in certain regions of Italy, including Tuscany and Campania.

In this context are started the first sailing lessons, also organized for children, and experience proves so exciting that some participants decide to devote himself completely to boating; some of them are today well-known commanders of units while others have become important yacht designer of Italian and foreign shipyards.

Salways during the same period, the pier and the Mar'Incontro take on the job by the Federation Italian Motonautica organize competitions of various classes of Italian Championship offshore and endurance; to facilitate the extension of the summer these demonstrations are organized in periods of low season, increasing the work of the restaurateurs and hoteliers, who find themselves with several hundred customers in periods usually of tired.

The' skillful use of space, the journalistic presence of celebrities from the world of sports (Pacheco), entertainment (well) and finance projecting Vibo Marina international scenario. In all the Gulf of Sant'Eufemia proves a natural Theatre, where the boats face off in the best way.

In 1995 comes the more difficult challenge of the pier, next to the Mar'Incontro and, with a racing boat, participates in the Italian Endurance Championship. After the races of Naples, San Felice Circeo, CalaGalera (Tuscany) and Viareggio, the team graduated from champion of Italy, with an onboard crew Vibonese.

In the same year, the same team also wins the classicissima dei mari Viareggio-Bastia-Viareggio; on this occasion is awarded the prize of the Senate of the Republic and the President of the Italian Republic.

Strong experience, you decide to participate in the Venice-Montecarlo defined the Paris-Dakar. During 9 days around the peninsula, from the Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian Sea, the crews and boats are put to the test; Some are forced to retire at the end

the last leg, but on arrival in the Principality of Monaco Jetty team Carmelo and Mar'Incontro wins the second place ranking.

In 2000 are the big shipyards to lean the wharf Carmel to present their boats; one another so repeatedly and BENETEAU (French), among the top 3 manufacturers in the world, PERSHING, yard that produces the national shipbuilding industry, secret dream of many, and SESSA, more than 1400 boats produced each year.

During these events, the same shipyards shall convey to Vibo Marina various journalists, putting at their disposal as well as helicopters to follow and photograph from above and of course boats Vibo Marina.

Today, thanks to the professionalism demonstrated in the field, the pier is the Carmel service point by the Italian shipyards (Ferretti, Pershing, Abdullah, Mochi) and foreigners (Princess, solar, Beneteau), enabling those sailing in the area of the lower Tirreno to be assisted in case of damages to their boats. Of course this activity involves conducting various training courses at winter yards of production.