Serra San Bruno (VV)

Theand the first of what would become the village were built to house workers who worked for the monks of the certosa di Santo Stefano and the Hermitage of Santa Maria at the behest of the founder, St. Bruno, who had gotten by Norman count Ruggero d'altavilla for his monastic foundations. The presence of the Certosa has greatly influenced the architectural development of the country, in fact was well known to artists, artisans, blacksmiths and decorators.

The 1783 earthquake destroyed the town and la Certosa; the historical centre, due to this incident, given the conditions under which paid, was named "Old Land", later built another neighborhood called spinetto, for the enormous presence of thorns in the place where began the construction. The reconstruction was possible because the area was rich in resources such as wood, iron and granite, which the master exploited era art to create works of art to decorate churches and the country.

There are nine churches in the territory, which testify to the activities of local fraternities.

  • Church dedicated to the Patron Saint San Biagio
  • Chiesa di Maria Santissima dei Sette Dolori o dell’Addolorata
  • Churches dedicated to Mary of the assumption, in the district and a neighbourhood in Terravecchia Spinetto.La history of the two churches is characterized by a long and bitter rivalry between the two respective brotherhoods
  • Chiesa di San Gerolamo
  • Chiesa di San Rocco
  • The so-called chiesuledha ("little church")
  • Sanctuary of Santa Maria in Regional forest, in the territory between the Chartreuse and the Hermitage.


  • Museo della Certosa
  • Parish Museum "Saint Blaise"
  • Museum of the Archconfraternity Maria SS. Assunta in Cielo (Spinet)

Luoghi di interesse naturalistico

The real attraction of the Serra, in addition to San Bruno, are the natural beauties. It is characterized by the presence of several plant species including the most common are: beech, ilcastagno and spruce, with specimens of giant plants, trees, which form a dense forest.
Among the most beautiful localed we those of the great forest of Archiforo, and those of Santa Maria.
The woodland, which is part of the Parco Naturale Regionale delle Serre is crossed by "Sentiero Frassati".